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What is a Magnetic Overlay?


Our Magnetic Overlay is a clear layer sheet of pvc framed with strong magnetic strips.

Magnetic Overlays are durable and able to withstand the demands of everyday classroom use.

All Magnetic Overlays are available in a variety of convenient sizes to ensure ease of use by teachers and students.

Specially designed inserts are also available to aid in literacy, numeracy and music and even include a term planner!

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How is it used in the classroom?

  • Simply attach your Magnetic Overlay to to either your existing reading and literacy mobile stand or to any surface to which a magnet will stick.
  • Insert your lesson items behind the clear front PVC sheet. Use a standard whiteboard marker to draw additional information on the front clear PVC layer.
  • Use the electrostatic properties of the front PVC layer to attach or cover lesson notes.


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How does it benefit teachers?

  • Easy Cleaning! Just wipe off with a duster.
  • No chemicals required!
  • No consumables needed!
  • No electricity consumption!
  • No costly repairs - just replace!
  • No mechanical or moving parts!
  • Light enough to carry between classrooms with ease!
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Discover how Magnetic Overlays will benefit your school.

The main goal of our activity is to provide you with right solutions. We are interested in your success because it means that our strategy is effective.
In today's fast paced social atmosphere, learning can be expensive and time consuming. Your Education funds need to be spent wisely where their value of return is maximised for the benefit of the young minds you teach.
Magoverlay provides a low cost, affordable method to enhance the education experience  without additional ongoing expenses.  That's right!
  • No costly Toner Supplies needed,
  • No Expensive Projector Lamps,
  • No Additional Training Costs,
  • No Reams of Paper Required,
  • No Lengthy Setup Times,
  • No Need for Electricity.

The Magnetic Overlay is a effective, cost saving, teacher resource tool without all the expensive trappings normally associated with conventional class room utilities. As a Teacher, you will find it easy to store and be able to transfer quickly from one class room to another without any assistance.

In addition, the Magnetic Overlay is totally cross-functional in purpose. You can utilise your Magnetic Overlay for Teaching Numeracy, Literacy, LOTE and English skills to your students.